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  • Zimmunicate. One-to-one & group messaging, audio and video calling platform.Download

Our partners & friends

David A. Hayta

Financial Strategy Advisor ZiBox

Leadership positions in mobile communications, cloud computing and the consumer internet in the US, Japan and Europe, including New Wave Partners, Sofinnova Ventures, T-Mobile, Motorola, McCaw Cellular, AT&T and new ventures.

Charles Ansbach

Business Strategy Advisor ZiBox

Faculty Lecturer at UC Davis Graduate School of Management.
Early adopter of social entrepreneurism in the 1970’s.
Judge on the Dell Global Challenge for social entrepreneurs.
Created one of the top five projects for the US Labor Department under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Founders Ansbach & Associates in 1985 to raise capital funding and provide management consulting for nonprofits and NGOs worldwide.

Audi Committee

Frequently asked quastions

  • What did Zoorni need now?

    Zoorni is looking for partners who can invest money at marketing and development.

  • What will I have if invest?

    You will have part of Zoorni corporation incomes and will have position of chairman. Please contact us for more details.

  • What is Zoorni?

    You can read more details about Zoorni at page “About us”.

  • Zoorni working only at online?

    No, Zoorni corporation have a lot of offline projects and technologies.

  • Where you have offices?

    Zoorni have offices around the world, you can choose see details at contacts.

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