Who we are

We are international company which provides wide specter of IT solutions. ZOORNI specializes firstly on complex and unique commercial projects and realizations of IT solutions In collaboration with governmental Funds and Programmes.

Every our project is unique and has individual solutions and high quality realization. Our main purpose – not just finish project but create complete well working system.

Our vision


Before we start development or planning of any project, first of all needed qualified analytics of objective field. There are Analytics and Research departments at your service in ZOORNI.

Services of listed depts.

  • IT consulting -
  • Research works -
  • Creation of technical documentation -
  • Planning of terms and resources to spend -
  • Risks works -

We have lot of qualified professionals with huge experience in state.

  • Services of Development dept.
  • Web Development
  • Mobile application development
  • Software development
  • Hosting and cloud
  • VOIP
  • Big data solutions
  • Development of complex algorithmic projects
  • eCommerce solutions
  • CRM and ERP Development
  • Game development
  • Design and art
Support and advances

Every project needs support and development. Correct and true development and support could be more important than product administration. Our Marketing and Sales departments will be glad to help you with it.

Support services we provide:

  • 24/7 support and technical support organization
  • Organiziation and support of Call-centers
  • Optimization and reorganization of load, Mirror and usual Data backup on different hosts
  • Development and support in Social networks
  • Cotexst AD indifferent search engines
  • Content management
  • Copywriting
  • Complex SEO and article optimizing
  • Offline AD and events

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Our projects

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Social network with multi messaging function, communicate with your friends, create video and audio groups, share and like posts.

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Automobile complex that gives you totally new experience with your automobile. (at developing stage)

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New service at public catering that gives you more facilities. (at developing stage)

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Solutions for government organizations from small to huge. (at developing stage)

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All solutions

Maybe we already have solutions for your business, please take a look on list of ours.

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Recent news

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Upcoming events


Presentation of the new project in the field of e-commerce

You will be presented a new service that facilitates the work of online stores and catalogs.

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Open meeting

Founder of Zoorni Corp. Emad Ballack meets with potential investors of ZiBox project.

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ZiBox iOS application presentation

iOS application avalliable at iStore for download. All next updates will be installed automatically.

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Presentation of ZiBox web (alpha version)

ZiBox avalliable for open alpha-test at link www.ziboxweb.com

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