After 8 years at market, behind us completed more than 200 project at different markets and spheres. We have huge experience at government projects in USA, Ukraine, Kurdistan, Iran and Iraq. Zoorni experts participated at small projects like simple info-site creation, so at big projects like engineering and development of aero-hydroponic cultivation system for middle latitudes and harsh climate, biometrical access system, electronic document management and engineering of dynamic self-learning control system for urban traffic.

At commerce sector our company worked at powerful social media project called ZiBox. This system positioned like social media for middle east countries with their specific cultural heritage and especially of perception of modern technology.

This project contains number of components/sub-projects on it, such as: ZiDrive, ZiEat, Zimmunicate,ZiMarket and ZiHealth.

Each of these sub-projects covers the relevant sector in order to provide a new convenient tools for each user.

So, what is covering each of this platforms:

  • ZiBox - this is core platform of basic social media, like Facebook. It provide all possibilities you already have. Of Course it contain some unique functionality and some of functionality is missed.
  • ZiEat - as the name saith, this is project about food, nutrition, catering and delivery for it. It will help you to get food whenever and wherever you want as customer, and also as company, if you are company at food sector.
  • Zimmunicate - this is communication platform with powerful functionality of media streaming, group audio, video and text messaging and a lot of other cool things at communication sector.
  • ZiMarket - big e-commerce platform with own marketplace and complex solution for markets based on Magento 2 platform. If you want to buy something at social media, you have no need to search something else, just use ZiMarket. If you are company and you have no money for big and powerful internet shop - we will give you free platform for your goods and will help to find your customers.
  • ZiHealth - platform that have main target - make you healthier and give you tools to monitor the state of health and to apply preventive measures.

If you want more details about all these projects, please visit pages dedicated to each project (see links above)


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." -
Albert Einstein

Zoorni specialized on solving hardest problems and tasks by tech and high tech solutions.

What Zoorni can provide to government sector:

  • electronic document
  • biometric access and control system
  • dynamic self-learning control system for urban traffic
  • agricultural projects with high tech basics
  • alternative energetic
  • energy saving and energy management
  • government portals for citizens
  • internal communication systems
  • interactive system of citizens requests and processing of it
  • integrated video surveillance system and online broadcasts
  • drones and robotic systems
  • automatization of any process

If you really want to create some serious project at commerce or government sector, you will need in any case qualified team of analytics, engineers and IT. All this Zoorni can provide you with additional specter of services.

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